Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 72 from France:
Back In Hollyweird

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris SoCal...

I'm back in LA. I'm jet-lagged. I'm relieved that the planes, trains and automobiles part is over but I'm also freaking out a little about being here. I'm excited to see Karen. YAY KAREN! But I'm on the brink of a minor heart-attack each time I turn a corner as I know I could run into SwimSwim at any moment.

I took my computer to the Mac Store and can't wait to go back to pick her up - a.) because I'm lost without her, and b.) because the Mac Genius that helped me is ADORABLE! Read more about him HERE.

This next few weeks in Los Angeles will be fairly uninteresting food-wise to you maybe, but I'm sure the non-food events will bring lots of drama to Shaboom-land if we weren't stock full of that already!

MatEater and I had a Mexican fiesta of a feast tonight with some girlfriends in Venice Beach - complete with margaritas... way too many margaritas.

We shared. Don't ask me what it is... I'm rusty on my Mexican food menu speak...

It was so good.

It's amazing how good I am at blocking out how much I miss my girlfriends.

When I arrived last night, I drank a bottle of wine (or three) with ManEater and BootyDance. We snacked on almonds and apples (which was also dinner.)

This morning started out with coffee at ManEaters. Um, this is embarrassing, but she had to teach me how to make coffee. I'M SORRY! I've always had a sweet sweet man around how did that stuff for me! She looked at me like I was crazy. There was a lot of giggling and eye-rolling.

Here are some shots of my "In Transit" day...

The above was taken from my window seat before lifting off in Paris.

I tried to read and get my mind off of almost missing the flight this morning. I fell asleep and missed all the meals, so all I ate on the flight was a Cliff Bar. Yuck. It's probably been at the bottom of my purse since 1995.

When I got to Chicago, I was starving natch. I usually only eat fast food in airports but I had no time yesterday. I had to rush to make my connection.

Luckily there was a Starbucks near my gate so I could get my standard triple venti skinny vanilla latte at 140º F and a banana before getting on my next flight.

It's good to be back!


  1. Welcome back to the States, Shaboom! I hope your visit is a good one.