Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 10 from Burbank: My Target

Shaboom starts day 1 of waitressing.
I did a quick calculation of how much walking that was and it came to..... a lot of frigging walking. So I dusted off that stroller, packed some tasty snacks for my 3 year old and headed out the door.

A little while later Hubby calls to see where we are:

Hubby: "You WALKED to Target?"

Me: "Yeah, and now we're going to Porto's Bakery. You want to join us for a hot ham and cheese croissant?"

Hubby: "Yeah! So I can give you a ride home! You must have walked 5 miles! I can't believe you walked to Target! I'll be right there." (click)

Sometimes I think Hubby's missing the point of this.

He rushed over for an emergency croissant. Assessed the situation as best he could and drove us home. To be honest I was a little relieved because I hadn't done my 40 flights of stairs yet.

After stairs I made crepes with ham, goat cheese, onions, red pepper, corn and béchamel for dinner.


When I checked mapmywalk I had gone a total of 5.16 miles. Which, in New York or Paris, is no big deal. But here in Burbank might just compel a husband to jump in his car and rescue his crazy wife from all that wicked walking.


  1. It's my new favorite crepe! I roast the red pepper first in a little olive oil. Have you ever had a crepe with red pepper in France? Or am I banned from the country for my irreverence?

  2. I don't think you're banned ...after all, the authorities are not yet aware of your irreverence.

  3. Can't you get arrested for walking that far in Burbank?

  4. Shhhhh we're trying to keep it on the down low.

  5. Cute! Soph and I sometimes walk over to the local theater. It's 3.3 miles each way. There's nothing better for the mid-section than a nice walk!