Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 9 from France: La Liberté (Freedom)

Shaboom sends her update from Paris, France:

Despite the insomnia, I woke up at 9am. KILL ME. Actually, it was a really nice morning, possibly my last day of freedom, with sunshine, birds chirping, spring weather and a great breakfast... so great that I'm actually motivated to get out of bed and take a shower! OMG are you in shock? But, you know, not showering feels very French. You should try it, Karen. It might almost be able to cancel out the scrunchie-usage ...I said ALMOST.

Tomorrow I am going to live out all our teenage dreams - no, I won't be making out with
Shaun Cassidy, Parker Stevenson, or even Leif Garrett (who totally fits the profile of the type of guy I normally date, btw.) I am going to be a waitress! In a French café! In St. Germain-des-Près! Cool, right?! Except for the part about waitressing, but let's just ignore that. And lets not think about how bloated I feel either, and how I'll undoubtedly start my period the minute I walk in those chic café doors... This does not feel very French.

But on a side note, VERY French, Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard has enough of a sense of humor to participate in a self-deprecating Funny Or Die Video:

On another side note, am I the only person on the planet who almost knocks herself out in the shower? Let me explain... I mean, there I am minding my own business under the hot water of my first shower in days, lavishing in scents of lavender and citrus and what not when I innocuously let loose some wind thinking nothing of it until ROTTEN EGGS start wafting into my nostrils. DAMN. Can't a girl catch a break?! I am my own worst enemy. Karen tells me it's all that cheese.

The cheese feels very French, but ripping death stench in the shower does not feel very French at all.

Pineapple, Pear, Clementine, Banana

Pain au Chocolat & Croque Monsier (grilled cheese and ham)
Pâté, Rondelé cheese spread, homemade strawberry & pear marmalades
café au lait & chocolat chaud (hot chocolate)



  1. I can't believe you are going to get a waitress job!
    This means more walking for me.
    I know my secret stash of scrunchies are hurting your soul. Just give me one more week to say goodbye. I'm already weepy.

  2. Karen, I'm afraid the scrunchies are holding you back. I think the day you lose them will be your "moving to France day". Throw them in the trash bin, and VOILA, you'll drop 10 immédietment!
    Shaboom! Where? Maybe I'll drop in for plat au fromage and salade composé!

  3. Parker Stevenson.


    I'm drooling for that yummy food now, dangit!

    :-D Anna

  4. A friend led me to your virtual door! Good luck. I'm more the size of your ex-pat friend when she arrived in France, and would love to be 65 pounds less. At the moment I'm paying Jenny Craig to help me; I'd much prefer cherries and baguettes do the trick. BTW, I'm in Burbank too; small world!

  5. Hey Sue! My Burbank friend! If you see some scrunchie wearin mom going up and down stairs please wave!
    Now can the rest of you stop talking about my scrunchies please!

  6. Talk about going the extra mile to see what French women eat - waitressing is brilliant!

    And I love that I can always immediately spot photos of Shaboom's food by the fantastique green table cloth...

    Au revoir scrunchies!

  7. Marija - my follow-up post with the café location will come on St Patty's day

    Lisa - want to go shopping with me for a new table cloth? obsessed! keeps dropping his cigarette on this one and it's now full of holes. (it was purchased at ikea near charles de gaulle airport for less than $20)

  8. oh boy, death stench.
    well, im pretty much immune to death stench now, having lived with my dad, brother and uncle for 6 years. being the only female in a family of guys, you get used to foul odor...
    but i feel your pain... trust me.. >.<