Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 12 from France:

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

It's a beautiful sunny day in Paris but unbelievably cold again, brrr...

Obsessed! let me snooze until late this morning since I still have a hard time falling asleep. He brought me an awesome breakfast in bed - awesome because it included a yummy, lemon/sugar/butter crêpe! (Also on the tray, that's tea, water, apple, yogurt and fromage frais "Petits Filous.")
After my first meal since my inadvertent hunger strike, I then partook in some "indoor cardio" for an hour.

Pretty normal, boring day. I walked 4 km doing errands, shopping and walking the dog who was super annoying today. I think he's forgotten the Shaboom etiquette of walking down the street. He is to walk directly beside me, he is to listen to my every command, and above all, have some cojones and act like a man. I know he only weighs 2 kilos but THERE. WILL. BE. NO. WHINING. (I suppose any and all interested suitors should take note as this can apply to men just as easily as to our 4-legged friends.)

Obsessed! was still out shopping for cars at dinnertime so I had to fend for myself. THE HORROR. I made tunafish which I ate with bread &
Petits Filous.


  1. Oh Shaboom, that tunafish looks so sad. Miss you.

  2. That tunafish WAS sad. Blah. Miss you too!