Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 2 from Burbank: The Forbidden

For six months I was training for a half marathon. I planned my route to go past Porto's Bakery just so I could smell the forbidden pastries, croissants and goodies as I ran by. I would never walk in. That would be madness.

Today my 3 year old and I walked there and actually ordered things and ate them. I may not lose weight doing this but what a wonderful day. Along the way we saw a hawk, some crows and a squirrel. My son gathered secret treasures- 8 sticks, 2 flowers, a rock and some weird pod things.

I spy some stairs and he thought it would be fun to "do stairs" with me. Up and down 6 times. (See how I worked those stairs in all easy breezy?)We sat outside Porto's Bakery and shared a ham and cheese croissant, a beef pie and a bottle of water. On the way home we window shopped. I ended up carrying him, a camera, the treasures and a box of goodies for the last 4 blocks. When we got home my son said "Momma I had fun with you today."

Quelle Belle Journee!


  1. like like like! My diet plan this week is to assuage all hunger with dark chocolate m&ms and caffeine. Works for super models. Works for me.

  2. My model friends say gin straight up (or with diet tonic if you can't hack it) and gummy bears.