Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 8 from Burbank: Girls Night
Oscar Pajama Party!

Jen's doggy, Ella
Photo by Jen

I talked to Shaboom about this night and how I didn't think it was very French.
Shaboom: But it is. You have to enjoy different experiences.That's very French.
Which is really good because I'm not giving up Girl's Night.
After 40 flights of stairs, a 2 mile walk, yogurt, granola and an apple, it's time to head to Jen's house for Girl's Night Oscar Pajama Party!
The big question of the night. What are you wearing?
My answer: Nick and Nora sock monkey pajamas with matching slippers.
I did throw on a scarf for French flair.
Embarrassing fact about me:
I brought my own box of Kleenex because I'm a crier.
I cry at every acceptance speech.
Even Best Editor.
Not exaggerating.
(Although I didn't shed any tears for that one woman who seemed completely ungrateful)
Jen's other doggy, Molly, was also surprised by her.

The night starts with popcorn and candy.
And a whole lot of red carpet judging.
Which I feel completely entitled to.
Please see sock monkey slippers.

And then we move on to more judging and a delicious Oscar Party Dinner.

All Gluten Free!



Gluten Free Cookies!

I don't know if they have Girls Nights in France but they should.

Bonne Nuit!


  1. I love that you cry for best editor. Someone has to!

  2. I could have a girls' night here if you'd come visit... hint hint.

  3. Calories don't count when you're laughing or crying.

    We did a lot of both that night.


  4. Ann, thank you for loving that. Someone has to!

    Shaboom, I'm working on my miles right now.

    Jennalynn, it was the best Oscar Night ever!!!

  5. It was delightful and delicious, just like Jen.

  6. yummy, yummy, sugar babies!!!