Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 7 from France: La Têmpete
(The Storm)

Shaboom sends her update from Paris...

Breakfast: granola & yogurt - just a little as that was all that was left. Who's been eating my granola?! *Sigh* Sometimes I really miss living alone.

I was so annoyed at the great granola scarcity that I chopped up 3"x 1" chocolate almond bar and put it in my coconut yogurt. Take that, granola thief!

Snack: 2 clementines and a little pâté cornichon on 4" baguette as an hors d'œuvre.

10 times up/down the stairs today. Does laundry and piano playing burn calories? How about typing?

Dinner: rice, chicken and sauce ala arrabiata

What Obsessed! ate, you know, after I watched him pull out the lungs and heart from the chicken AND POP THEM IN HIS MOUTH LIKE CANDY. He chopped up the chicken, fried it up and put it into our dinner.

At 5:30am, I came down to the kitchen for my cherry fix. I have been lusting for cherries all day - so much so that I made it my status update on Facebook and a college girlfriend responded that she had the same craving 2 days ago. She went to her neighborhood New York City bodega and bought cherry pie filling she was so desperate. She gobbled it down straight out of the can when she got home. Now I don't feel as weird.

I added cherry marmalade to our homemade ice cream.

I then decided to eat 6 inches of baguette with cheese spread "Rondelé" (like Boursin) and a hot cocoa. All of a sudden, I hear a big racket upstairs. It was Obsessed! realizing of course that I was no longer next to him in bed. Panic time! He came barreling down the stairs and charged into the kitchen with a big sigh of relief. Oh! There you are!

Where else would I be?! At the club dancing? I haven't gotten dressed in 3 days!

Hot chocolate - again, I only got 4 sips before Obsessed! dove in. He LURVS him some hot cocoa. He drank about half before he spilled the rest all over the table and then knocked over a chair in his successful attempt at not knocking the mug onto the floor into a million bits and pieces. I'm sure Vapors (roommate) and Mali (friend spending the night) really appreciated all that noise at 6am.

Did I mention I ate 2 pears this evening? (about 500 grams)

I am back in bed. Obsessed! is snoring (not helping my insomnia.) I'm working on ignoring the noise. Funny how that is a much easier task when the noise is him talking. Snoring is like my cryptonite. There's a crazy wind storm outside adding to the noise. God hates me.


  1. I'm saving the chicken lungs for the weekend. PARTAY!!! I don't even know what that means. But I ran out of granola today too. My kid's totally into it.

  2. I'm totally out of granola but on the bright side, there are potato chips in the house... I'm just saying... breakfast of champions.

  3. If he ate the lungs and heart raw... Ick.

    If they were cooked... I do that too. And the little thing that looks like balls but isn't.

  4. Cherry marmalade over homemade ice cream! That sounds like it "weren't" too bad.

  5. Jennalynn - it wasn't raw, thank the lord.
    Rick - it was delicious!!