Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 13 from Burbank: It's not you, it's me.

Sent from Karen in Burbank, California, USA

Woke up early and got the 42 flights of stairs out of the way. I still haven't found a way to incorporate that without it feeling like I'm working out. But it's only day 13, I'll calm down.

3 and I walked to the bakery, sat outside and ate a chocolate croissant. While walking home, he found a very large tree. It became his castle. He fought dragons and saved a princess who sleeps underground.

There's a part of me that says "We don't have time for this! Let's go!" Another part that says "Watch your boy fight dragons. This is important." What's with all the time crunching and plans??? I don't like this part of me. I fight it with my son's pretend sword. Today I win. I'm working really really hard at this.

When I got home I put the box of goodies and baguette on the kitchen counter, I suddenly remembered Protein Powder in the cabinet right above my goodies. I slowly opened the cabinet door. Protein Powder was pissed.

Me: "Look, it's not you, it's me."

Protein Powder: "I knew this would happen."

(Long pause while we both look at the box of goodies then back to each other)

Me: "I just think we need a little...... space."

I push Protein Powder farther back into the cabinet, grabbed 3 and away we went on our bicycles. Stopping at all stairs along the way because 3 thinks going up and down stairs is fun.

We came home and decided to have a picnic on the front porch.

For lunch we had some baguette, a little cheese and pineapple.

Dinner at the in-law's: Pizza, watermelon and salad.


P.S. I'm definitely going to incorporate Shaboom's soup she made yesterday on another day. Probably not the Vodka Red Bull shots. As glamorous as that is for a single girl living in France to do during a crepe party, a stay at home mom living in Burbank throwin back a few in the middle of the day is a totally different blog.


  1. I love that even the little porcelain birdies got to nibble.

  2. I ate a French Skinny breakfast this morning - 6" baguette with preserves, pear, tea, water, small yogurt. Eating bread goes against everything I've learned over the last decade but man was it awesome.

  3. Yay, Keri!!

    It looks like you ate only good, pure food (other than the yogurt, but I do that too.) WonderBread and other presliced breads stock full of preservatives are pas bon but anything fresh-baked is okay.

    How are the pears in Colorado? Are they hard? Ripe? Juicy? Where do they come from?

    The French Skinny Experiment is less of a diet and more of an overall lifestyle so it is good to see you enjoyed your morning - that's what's most important!

    Bon appetit!

  4. Walking with my kid is not aerobic but we do get to enjoy all of the dandelions and cat poops along the way...

  5. Keri, I love that! It feels so weird doing that on purpose doesn't it? But so wicked good! Now 40 flights of stairs, a 2 mile walk to a bakery and have a croissant for lunch? (insert fun french phrase here)

  6. I think Protein Powder needs to take a powder.

    Send it away where it can't be so mouthy.

  7. the little birdies are sooooo cute. :) i know what you are saying about time crunch.. its really hard to take the time to fight the dragons but it will be the "things most remembered" one day....

  8. So lucky that I happened upon this blog! I'm very excited to follow along!

  9. Blame it on Julia and Julia but I see this whole thing as a movie.

    (That's the point, right??)


    p.s. I mean in addition to the losing weight whilst taking gorgeous photos.

  10. Thanks Ann's Rants!

    I loved the book but thought the movie was just okay even though I totally worship Meryl Streep.

    So you're saying we need to get motivate and start writing a book?! Hmm... I'm curious as to whether or not Obsessed! will give me enough time away from my *cough* responsibilities...

    Karen, what do you say?? Are you up for it?

  11. Okay, new goal: Lose 35 pounds eating chocolate croissants, going up and down steps and having sex. Write book. Get movie deal. Stay french skinny eating chocolate croissants, baguettes and cheese.
    Yeah that's about it.

    Love you Ann's Rants!!!

  12. I think this would be a far more interesting book and movie than Julie and Julia.