Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 4 from Burbank: French Ice Cream

6:30am "Mommmmmmmm!!!!! Wake up!!!!! We have to make French ice cream!!!! Is it ready yet? Can it be mint chocolate chip?"

My little guy "helped" me make creme anglaise.

After his nap we got out the ice cream maker that I borrowed from my brother.

Hubby: "Just use the ice in the freezer. That's plenty."

Cut to the emergency run to the store for more ice and rock salt.

Did I mention the bucket leaked water all over the counter onto the floor which is bad because there has to be water in it at all times so I had to babysit the thing for an hour? Then, I think I burned out the motor. Fantastic.

Hubby walks in and says: "Why don't you just buy some ice cream?"
I give him the look that stops time.
Then very very quietly I say: "Because I'm trying to be French."

Apparently Shaboom has an ice cream maker that you just pour cream in, turn it on and 20 minutes later you eat it.

I'm giving my brother his ice cream maker back.

There must be some beautiful Organic (whatever that means) ice cream in a carton out there. But frankly I've lost the appetite for it.


  1. "I give him the look that stops time."
    Brilliant. Karen, I started at Day 7 and read back all the way through to the beginning. I could't stop! I love your candor, it's charming. And the dialogue with your hubby. Adorable. Congrats on documenting your journey!!!

  2. "because.. im trying to be french.."
    sweety, that line made me laugh for a good 5 minutes. on with your blog! i love this, excelent when i as well (unfortunately) have the cursed insomnia, and no friends up to text. now going to try and find an ice cream maker, seeing as im OBSESSED with ice cream..
    well, onward and upward. (: