Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 3 from Burbank:
Sex and the Negotiation

Meanwhile Back In Burbank.....

Hubby hands me his half eaten lemon butter crepe.

Me: "You don't like it? I think they're delicious."

Hubby: "Ummm no. But thanks! Is this what your friend in France ate this morning after her boyfriend made love to her for 4 hours and then walked to the Eiffel Tower? "

(Stare blankly at Hubby and decide to ignore the sarcasm)

Me: "Right. That reminds me. We need to schedule some 'cardio' time."

Hubby: "I don't think I can give you 4 hours."

Me: "I love you but I don't want 4 hours. How about 20 minutes? But you're supposed to do all the work."

Hubby: "My knee is all f'd up."

Me: "Fine. But can you make me a pot of tea afterwards?"

Wow we are hot.

I got a new crepe pan and did the stairs at the mall. The stairs were outside and there was a sign that said "No Public Access." So, of course, I disregarded that because I am on a quest. There were some teenagers up there doing things they should not be doing. They looked a little afraid of me and left. Apparently I've turned into "The Scary Stairs Lady." Today was not so easy breezy. But I have high hopes now that I have my magic pan.

Lemon Butter Crepe: Make a crepe. Add a little butter and sugar while still in the pan. Fold up the crepe. Put it on a plate and squeeze fresh lemon on top. It's delicious.


  1. Congrats on finding your inner "Scary Stairs Lady."

  2. Thanks! I believe that somewhere in France there is also a "Scary Stairs Lady." But she is wearing 6 inch heels, red lipstick and a scarf.

  3. I know you're definitely not talking about me. I look like a hooker in red lipstick, and that does not feel very French.

  4. finding your inner "scary stairs lady" is just one step closer to skinny french i suppose.
    well, at least you did the stairs!