Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Burbank 33:Make a wish

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA, USA

Breakfast: Chocolate croissant.
The rest we bring home for later.

Lunch: yogurt, granola, chocolate

Walk 3 miles.
3: "Momma, I need my batman cave.
Me: "Okay."
3: "And some blocks, cars, a bouncy ball and some jasmine."

3: "Take a picture of that tree."
Me: "Really? Why?"
3: "Because it's so beautiful."

I really look at the tree.

Me: "You know...... you're right."
3: "I know."


I run to the store while Hubby's having lunch and 3 is supposed to be taking a nap.
I arrive home in record time.
Hubby and 3 are in the rocking chair watching a western.
Me: "Why isn't he asleep?"
Hubby: "He said he's not tired."
Me: "He's 3. He also says he wants candy for breakfast."
Hubby: "I have to go back to work."

5:30: No Nap Meltdown City.

3 and I have dinner alone.
Hubby's working another crazy long day.
Dinner: Baguette, cheese and olives.
3 gets a grilled cheese sandwich, apple sauce and peas.
I eat whatever's left on his plate.

Make a wish!

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  1. Oh My God! He's sooo cute and uber brilliant.... :)