Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 31 From Burbank: This Music is so......

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA, USA
I love hummingbirds as much as anyone but don't let them fool you.
This one almost took my head off getting to that nectar.
Kind of like me with baked goods. I totally get it Dude.

Granola, yogurt and chocolate for breakfast.

Hubby is going for a run. (Ha! I used to do that.) He puts on MY ipod shuffle, turns it on.

Hubby: "This music is so...."

He puts one of the earbuds up to my ear and I hear Lady Ga Ga belting out something fun.
I look at Hubby. He's got the "this is bad music" face on.

Hubby: "Girly....."

We stare at each other for a moment. Then I remember that sometimes he forgets I'm a girl. So I flash him my Boobie Girls. Which immediately becomes a game of pattycake aka "can he grab them before I get away."
Flashing the Boobie Girls should be used with caution.

3 and I walked to the store for mint.

111.00$ later.....

Among other things, I bought face cream from the grocery store. Sad.

Must clean this house.

Yogurt and honey for lunch.

Dinner was left over chicken with baguette.

After dinner we finish that game of pattycake.
I let him win.
Well, it was kind of a win win.

--------MUCH LATER THAT NIGHT-------

I download a few Sex Pistols songs onto my ipod shuffle just for him.

God Save The Queen.


  1. Never mind the bullocks, here's the chocolate for breakfast.

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I love that you reminded him that you are a "Girl". Too cute. And of course I think we should have chocolate at every meal.

  3. Coco, you are very French! You must be related to that very famous Frenchie that smells good!

  4. I'm totally onboard with this chocolate in the yogurt thing you're doing.