Monday, May 3, 2010

Today from France: Shaboom was mugged.

Sent by Karen in Burbank, CA, USA

I've been waiting to hear from Shaboom all day. I knew she was having internet problems and just figured she would post tomorrow.
I just got an email from her she had to send from a borrowed iphone.
She was mugged today and just got back from the police station. Luckily she is physically unharmed. She has no internet access and won't for a few days.
She asked me to post something and explain. She also said something pretty bad about France.
I will just keep posting on this end until she's back.

Be careful out there Shaboom.
I love ya.


  1. Oh Shaboom! Tell her to get a massage asap--after the little bank robbery I was party to it really prevented the stress from debilitating my body.

    (no, unfortunately, I am not kidding)

  2. Holy Cow!!! I'm glad YOU'RE okay!!!
    I'll tell her. As soon as she CHECKS in!!!

  3. Thanks everyone.

    Ann - glad you're okay. I'm looking up massage therapists a.s.a.p. as my solution was to get no sleep and get on a plane immediately for 20 hours so now my body is pretty f-ed.

  4. I'm so sorry shaboom was mugged but I'm glad you're mostly okay. It is an awful experience. I was mugged on the Moscow metro and it was completely unnerving.

  5. OMG kayteadee - I feel you. I've ridden the Moscow metro. Craziness. But here's the thing, I've hung out and lived in all sorts of capitol cities and never hand ANY problems like this. I just don't understand how it's possible to get mugged 3 times in 1 year in Paris. This is not a third world country for crying out loud!!

    Still looking for a massage. Can hardly move my body is so sore.

  6. Three times in one year is sort of extraordinary. My rationale on how my mugging happened was that I let my guard down. I was very comfortable on the Moscow metro, I lived there and when I moved back to the States, I'd go back once a month for work. I think that I was so familiar that I tuned out my surroundings in a way that I wouldn't have if I were in a less familiar place. Maybe it could be something similar? Or maybe you just carry purses that are too cute?

    Good luck with getting the massage. Or at least a hot bath.