Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 41 From Burbank: A Horse Dressed As a Lion In the Middle Of A Sneeze.

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA, USA

After a delicious breakfast of tomatoes, basil, lots of garlic (Hubby's still gone so why the hell not?) and baguette I look out my front window and this is what I see.
This is a picture I took of a horse dressed as a lion in the middle of a sneeze.
I love this picture so much I could just stop here.

Every year the city of Burbank has a parade.

Ours is one of the streets they block off.
There are cowboys and indians in my front yard.

Embarrassing Fun Fact about me!
True Story
Did I ever tell you about the secret crush I've had on Paul Revere since I was 7 years old?
Let's just say that when I finally visited Paul Revere's House in Boston last year and saw his silver and gold work I burst into happy tears.

Back to the clowns and little ponies!

(A clown holding a mirror up to my face is actually a fear of mine.)

There were firemen (sigh) ....I mean fire trucks!

Marching bands and cool cars.
By 2:00pm the streets are cleaned and there's no sign of the parade.
Time to go to Momma's house for a pajama party! Tammy came over to spend the night too. (So you already know it's gonna be fun!) Momma fixed one of her classic dinners: wing dings, rice a roni and cole slaw. My childhood comfort food.
The Sgt Major and Rosalie came over. Way too much fun!

I lugged my ice cream maker and ingredients over to my Momma's and made mint chocolate chip French ice cream for everyone.
I think we are all going to make it a monkey pajama party weekend.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love the horse dressed as a lion sneezing! Paul Revere...hmmmmm....?? It sounds like pajama party heaven!! I just need to know one thing...what is a Wing Ding?

  2. You are hilarious.
    I know, the whole Paul Revere thing is weird.
    A Wing Ding is what she calls teriyaki chicken wings. I should have clarified that. Also, there is nothing in that meal that even remotely goes with Shaboom's part of French Skinny except the ice cream and the experience.

  3. haha the sneezing horse is adorable. Thanks for posting these lovely pictures!