Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 32 from France:
Get Out Of My Kitchen

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

For breakfast, I ate half a crêpe, an apple, potatoes, tea, a baguette which I dipped in sauce. Obsessed! calls my pasta sauce ratatouille because of all the veggies I put in it. So he serves it to me with bread to dip it in but it's PASTA SAUCE. To him, pasta sauce is runny red stuff, not chunky and full of goodness.

Um... don't even get me started on his reaction to my shepherd's pie.

"You're putting all those ingredients in the same place? You're mixing the peas in with the meat?!?! That's just wrong! Ça c'est pas bon!"

If you want to make it, go ahead and make it. If you want me to cook, then SHUT THE *F* UP and eat what you're served with no comments from the peanut gallery.

Freaking Frenchmen. They think they know everything.

My day was pretty boring. Lots of laundry = lots of stairs. I mailed out lots of résumés.

Obsessed! brought me a HOT pain au chocolat straight from the bakery this afternoon to keep my spirits up!!!

Dinner: homemade sauce (by me for once!) and penne pasta.

Obsessed! served me some tartine Nutella as I wrote thank you letters in French for last week's interviews.

Thunder and lightning and Florida style quick storms came through while I was on the phone until 5am with property managers and landlords back in Los Angeles trying to find out my rights regarding my apartment there. This is such a hassle trying to deal with from across the ocean.

No indoor cardio. I am still on strike.

*the above photo was borrowed from the internet*

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