Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 29 from Burbank: My Italian Boyfriend

Breakfast: Yogurt, granola and a little dark chocolate.

3 and I walked to Macy's and bought an ice cream maker.

We met this little squirrel on the way.
I thought he was saying hi but then he flipped me off.
Clearly I don't speak squirrel.

We then walked to Monte Carlo Italian Market, for pancette, parmesan, pasta and bread.
This is one of my favorite places to go in Burbank.

Confession: I have an Italian Boyfriend.
He's about 85 years old and works the deli section. He speaks Italian and calls me "Bella," always gives 3 a couple of breadsticks, 3 knows to say "Grazie," to which Italian Grandpa Boyfriend always responds with "Bravo!" True, this is the extent of our relationship but it works for us.

I think Hubby knows something's up because whenever we drive past Monte Carlo 3 yells "Breadsticks! Breadsticks!"

We ate some bread on the way home.
I'm suddenly full of happiness and thinking..
"Hello world! I'm eating a fresh baguette in front of you and walking!"
That felt very French.
But reading it makes me realize I'm kind of a dork.

Later that night

On the menu:
Shaboom's pasta carbonara and a small salad with vinaigrette.

I start to fry up the pancetta (Italian bacon).
A couple minutes later I turn around.
Hubby, 3 , and the dog are all staring at me.
They say in unison,"What's for dinner?"
Yes our dog, Ernie, can talk.
Hubby can't keep his hands off the pancetta.
Note to self: Always make extra pancetta if Hubby's around.
Investigate possible pancetta perfumes.

It was such a success there was no talking at the table, just eating.

We ate the last of the devil chocolate gelato.

60 flights of stairs just because I felt like it.

Everyone fell asleep early.

La Dolce Vita.


  1. Breakfast with a little dark chocolate??... You're my kind of girl!!!