Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 33 from France:
Good Help Is Hard To Find

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

I did a jillion loads of laundry and skyped with Karen. Multi-tasking is fun!!

3 hates me - I am mean to him and I talk too much!

I realized that I never ate breakfast because, you know, it wasn't served to me in bed today. So I went down to the kitchen to forage for food. Maybe my indoor cardio strike is not highly appreciated...

When I got downstairs, I found a nice eyeball staring up at me from the kitchen table. Some sort of animal carcass that I'm sure we're meant to eat one of these days. Yum. I can't wait.


I was home alone so ate I ate a chocolate croissant and strawberry yogurt for breakfast around 4pm. I'm getting the hang of this French time schedule. Time? What ees time? Manges quand t'as faim, chèrie!

I left at 5pm for Saint Germain to return the menus I was supposed to memorize to Café Le Pre who never called me back.

I chatted up a girl in a clothing store who works in events - she took my contact info in case she hears of anything and I convinced her to buy a corset. The shop owner offered me to come in tomorrow for a "trial day." So now might be a Parisian shop girl - yay.

There were lots of police on train this evening and a film crew. They were interviewing the passengers about police presence, does it make us more comfortable, does it make us nervous, etc.

crêpe for dinner - béchamel, corn, ham & cheese
strawberry yogurt
Nutella tartine
hot chocolate
cup of tea

lots of walking
lots of stairs

No indoor cardio. Long live the strike!


  1. That sounds so delicious :( I want to be in Paris! What an incredible experiment this is! Very confusing for a girl from Aus!