Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 37 From Burbank: Vegas Baby

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA, USA

Hubby left for his big job in Vegas this morning. After 12 years of marriage I still get weepy eyed when he leaves. He's been working long hours getting ready for this job. I have fed him freshly baked goodies, baguettes, pasta carbonara, salads and love. He leaves a happy husband. It amazes me that my heart still hurts. I have set up some fun adventures for 3 and me for the next couple of weeks. But in this moment, at 6:33am, while I drink my tea straight up and have some baguette with tomato, basil and mozzarella, I will allow a little time to miss my man.

3 and I walk to the grocery store.

Lunch - More baguette with tomato, basil and olive oil. ( I was craving this!)
2 little bites of gorgonzola cheese.

Lots of water.

Snack - Handfull of granola, half a tub of yogurt, one square dark chocolate crumbled up all mixed together.


Dinner was a small salad.

I put my kid to bed.
There's no witty repartee fighting over the remote.
No one has left a plate of crumbs on the dryer.
There are no dirty socks on the floor.
The bed is too big.

Is it strange that I'm grateful for the sad?

It is not in fashion to miss one's husband of 12 years.

I will bow out of this year's trend and wait for his call.

A sweet goodnight.

Je'taime Mon Amour


  1. Today's diet looks kinda lo-cal to me. LOL

    I've been doing 1000 Day Hikes and eating a healthy, lo fat vegan diet. Yesterday, for example, I walked 7 miles.

    The scales are up -- 8 pounds since January.

    How's that for results?

    My husband says I look great :-)

  2. Wait, with all that walking you have gained 8 pounds? Or lost 8 pounds?
    Sounds very healthy to me either way:)

  3. I'm with you on the man-missing.

    Bob and I sit on the porch and wave goodbye to Jeff every morning and watch him drive off to work... Chocolate does help.

  4. That is romantic.

    I relate, but wish I remembered to translate that into gratitude more often and more consistently when he is around...

  5. Bonjour, I have just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I am from Belgium (la Belgique,c'est juste a coté de la France), but secretly French.

  6. Lisa I'm with you on the chocolate! I'm going to eat some right now.

    Ann, I too wish I could remember it for longer than 10 minutes when he's home!

    Bonjour Belgium! I'm so glad you stumbled. You can help me with my terrible French! And I am now craving Belgium chocolate.

  7. Very sweet. My husband of 17 1/2 years is leaving today for a 160 mile bike ride. I'll miss him as soon as watching RHONY all day becomes old news.

  8. karen, that was so sweet.... i know that feeling and you described it perfectly.. it should never be outdated to show your love :)