Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 42 from France:
Cheering Up The Man

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

Obsessed! and Mali overslept and didn't show up for their first day. This is Obsessed!'s new business and he can't even show up for his very first day as a crêpier. LAME.

He was very pissed and disappointed in himself so I kept my mouth closed to avoid adding insult to injury. I ate a sugar butter crepe and pain au chocolat for breakfast before mowing the lawn. (When I moved here a year ago and posted a photo on Facebook of my first lawn-moving experience OF MY LIFE, I got a lot of comments due to the "Barbie" nature of the the machine and the pashmina outfit I wore while doing yard work. This is a new, slightly larger lawn-mover in a different color. Here is my updated and maybe more sensible version of cutting the grass...)

Then, we spread weed killer, pulled weeds and I baked buns (my mom's famous recipe) while Obsessed! vacuumed.

Melt the butter.

Add the milk, yeast and flour. Blend well.

Leave covered for 45 minutes in a stable temperature with no draft.

It should look like this after it has risen...

Brush with milk after forming into balls on baking paper...

Let it rise for another 30-45 minutes before putting into oven.

When golden brown, remove from oven...

Place on cooling rack and serve...

We made 100 crêpes at home today. I ate 2 of them - one completely plain, one sugar butter lemon.

2 litres of tea throughout the day and a zillion stairs.


I cleaned my room like a good girl but it was only because I was searching for and couldn't find my birth control stash. Crap. I might have to give up the secret taking of drugs. Crap crap crap.

I ate a baguette with cheese for dinner.

Obsessed! ate 8 of the 20 buns I baked already. I guess that's his seal of approval. But then again, he IS known to put some unsavory things in his mouth


  1. I love you and your pashmina Barbie lawn mowing outfit.
    And, um, you get to take birth control if you want. It doesn't have to be a secret stash. Obsessed! will understand.
    I'm not commenting on the unsavory things he puts in his mouth.
    That is all.

  2. Wait, that's not all. Those buns look amazing! Add to recipe box.


  3. Great post. I approve of the voluminous use of photos, they're all great.

    I was watching too much Dylan Moran and this clip made me think of this blog:


  4. @Jenn - Thanks! I will check it out.