Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 30 from Burbank: Stuff It.....The Chicken I Mean.

Woke up early and did the stairs before Hubby left for work. He just started a big job, working long hours so life is going to get a little crazy for us.

Made 2 hard boiled eggs and ate them with the mayo/mustard sauce.
I'm trying to get this shot while 3 is climbing over to snag an egg.

Took 3 with me on an appointment and then we walked to the market.

I'm craving salmon sashimi.
I'm going to ask Shaboom how the sushi is in France and is it part of French Skinny?

I know I can have baguette, cheese etc. but I'm full and feel no need to snack. Maybe I'll change my mind.

While I was at the store I saw some stuffed chicken breasts. I was inspired and thought I'd try it. I stuffed the chicken breasts with mozzarella and asparagus then tied it all up with some string and cooked it for a little longer than they said at the store.
It looks strange but was very tasty. There's also some slightly steamed asparagus on that plate. Delicious fresh bread and real butter. I ate some.

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  1. I haven't found good sushi in Paris yet which means that other than when I'm back in LA, I never get to eat any. Boo.