Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 20 from France:
Eat Like It's Your Job

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

Happy Hour is so exciting in France that it's never just one hour. It's always HAPPY HOURS plural, as proven by this lottery sign. Apparently, you should play the lotto when blotto on half-priced drinks...

I passed out face first last night at 8pm thinking "WHAT'S THIS?! I might be able to get a decent night's sleep!?!" Hahahaha, um... no.

1am - Obsessed! woke me up - time for some Jazzercise.
5am - bèchamel corn ham cheese crepe an apple and a red bull
6:30am - pain au chocolat & cafe creme at a café near the market
(factor in maybe 5 total kilometres of walking)
7:15am - cafe crème
9am - café noisette, 1 clementine, 2 cherry tomatoes, 5 raspberries, 2 grapes, 2 blueberries, 1 dried apricot
10am - 1 chouquette
12pm - 1 eclair (vanilla)
2pm - 1 cream puff (crème marron)

Pain au chocolat and café au lait, breakfast of champions...

Bernard "l'homard" cuts some tuna at the market...

4pm - bowl of sauteed potatoes sour creme butter parsley garlic

5pm - crepe bèchamel

6pm - peach yogurt
7pm - one 1" square of milk chocolate with marzipan and nougat from germany
8pm - shower
10pm - Obsessed! gives me a massage
10:30pm - He started touching the boobies, a clear indication that the massage is pretty much over and if I let him continue, hoping that one in 20 movements will be massage-like, I will have to have sex with him. I was dead tired (that'll teach him to wake me at 1am) and not the least bit interested, so I said thanks for the massage, and turned over. Obsessed! was probably a little irritated but I was too exhausted to worry about it.

I fell asleep almost immediately. YAY.


  1. Hi there. I just found your blog via your comment in mine, and I'm so glad! Your "experiment" really has a hold on me, and I'm excited to read more about this fabulous french inspired diet. So neat.

  2. Thanks, Johanna! Lovely of you to join us.

  3. This looks delicious! Is that real creme in the coffee? Or 2%?

  4. Yeah, but where the hell are we going to find German nougat in this town?

  5. omg - i need to eat a chocolate croissant right now.