Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 24 from Burbank: The Road To IKEA

Did you know Ikea has a very secure play area where you can drop your kids off to have fun while you shop? I've never tried it before but what a brilliant idea! I can see myself floating through the isles dancing and singing while I buy things with names like Flakig, Nackten and Baven.

3 and I set out in the strollermobile for our fun IKEA day. I thought there was a new French restaurant in town but when I got there it was actually a quaint little Russian place. We tried to meander in but my strollermobile was so big it knocked down various chatchkies, chairs and silverware in the vicinity. We ordered a ham and cheese sandwich to go. It was delicious, made with freshly baked bread. Everyone seemed a little too happy for us to be on our way.

We finally arrive at IKEA!
We go in and look at the play area.
So big and cute!
I start to fill out the form.

3: "Mom I don't think so."

Me: "What do you mean? It looks like so much fun! There are other kids!"

3: "But no parents."

Me: "Yes! How exciting for you!"

3: "Not today. Maybe another day."

I see my carefree dancing through the isle fantasy slowly fading away......

We trekked through the giant IKEA, stopping at the toy area. Frozen yogurt on the way out.


My sister-in-law, Rosalie, is a very talented artist and high school art teacher. She was in charge of a very intense and interesting art show that night. All of the art was in the dark. Lots of black light. I love this shot with the Bob's Big Boy doll in the background.

Every single one of those high school kids is cooler than I ever was.
Not that I'm comparing.

Salad for dinner.


  1. Your son has very good taste in play areas. I too would have backed out. Now if it were a play area in Saks. Different story

  2. ikea play area rules! - if only my kids weren't too old or too cool to play in there anymore :(

  3. while I buy things with names like Flakig, Nackten and Baven...

    I believe these are Hollywood Baby names for 2011 (shhh, you heard it here first)

  4. Bernthis, I have much to learn. Make note: Saks.

    Tish: I hope I hit the sweet spot at some point. It's all so complicated. Help.

    Ann: Your genius makes me sane. That was a crazy confidentiality contract. You are hard core. P.S. I met a baby named Baven today.

  5. For 10 years, I thought the "ball room" at the Burbank Ikea was where they gave dance lessons. Not making that up.