Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 26 from Burbank: People are starting to notice...

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BONJOUR from Burbank

I saw a few people today I haven't seen in awhile. They all asked me what the hell I'm doing because I look like I've been to a tropical island, I look thinner, and I have a stupid smile on my face. I started to tell them my new thing was chocolate croissants, stairs, walks and sex.
I don't even believe me.
The tan is all the walking.

Baguette, Jam and Coffee for Breakfast

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Crepe for Lunch

Pasta for Dinner

Every time I have a video conference with Shaboom she is in bed, naked, having a snack.
I can't say I've moved to that level of French, but there is a lot of mooning going on.


  1. Is mooning the gateway to laying around naked in bed? I'm in! (Warn the neighbors.)

  2. So do you walk fast or walk slow. And how much sex are you talking about?

  3. I try to walk fast because Shaboom said she walks like a bat outta hell when she's going somewhere. This means I have to get out the stroller because 3 tends to meander.
    No one can compete with Shaboom's indoor cardio time. I just try to have as much as I can. Which means, if Hubby's around, nap time, after 3 goes to bed and before he wakes up.
    No running up the stairs. In fact Shaboom said the stairs are so narrow she goes up them very gingerly.


  4. i am trying to keep it french, all the way..... but it is really hard! (that's what she said)