Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 22 from France: I Am Invincible!

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

I only had 2 hours of sleep last night due to Obsessed!'s snoring and kicking all night. It didn't help that I couldn't turn off my brain as I lay there thinking about my ex and imagining the very detailed dialogue we'd be having if I was in LA right now. He is finally moving out of my apartment (9 months after the break-up) and last night's episode was entitled "SwimSwim returns keys and garage door opener to Shaboom."

I had pasta with cream and cheese and a quick cup of tea before rushing out to an interview for an office job (which pays about the same as a waitressing job but you get to sit down.) Again, I was dressed a little like a homeless person in pants a few sizes too big that they hung down so low I had to wear platform heels to the meeting. I normally always wear flats to interviews as I once read that the higher the heel, the higher the bimbo factor and the lower the respect. I'm hoping that those rules only apply in The States.

I drove the pumpkin-mobile through hellacious traffic. The GPS told me it would take 20 minutes to get there, so just to be on the safe side, I gave myself an hour. Um... I was late. Yeah. Awesome first impression. But I parked without paying (the meter only took a special pre-paid card which I didn't have) and NO TICKET!!!

It really is the little things in life.

I met up with an old college friend and walked all around Montmartre (2 miles total) before sitting down to lunch on the Place de Tertre. I ate a salad with ham, tomato, cheese. I drank water and a café crème. Again, I parked without paying and NO TICKET!!!

I was so hungry, I forgot to photograph my salad before eating.
So here's a peek at what the Frenchies at the table next to us were eating.

Here's our empty glasses.

Keep in mind that Montmarte and Sacre Coeur includes tons of steps. (I did not take the following photos:)

Photo by Rowell Photography

Photo by Pulp Free Press

Flickr photo by supercilliousness

We then drove over to the Trocadéro and walked around some more (1 mile) before settling into a café with a glorious view of the Eiffel Tower. I drank a café crème and we met a French dude who claimed he'd help me find a job. Again, I parked without paying and NO TICKET!

My friend and I then walked around the 14th arrondissement a bit (2 miles.) Again, free parking and NO TICKET!!

Montrouge - such a cute neighborhood!

We headed up to the 5th arrondissement near the Panthéon for a leisurely stroll (2 miles) and to have a dinner of crêpes with andouillette sausage, potatoes, cheese, cream, chives, salad, CIDER! Yum.

I joined a choir. Rehearsed for 2 hours.

When I came home, I drank a litre of hot tea as my voice was straining. Wow, I haven't sung in a jillion years.

I ate some curry chicken with onions and rice followed by an apricot yogurt and an apple.


7 miles of walking
Climbed a ZILLION stairs
...all in 4 inch platform Vivienne Westwood boots and a 7 lb purse.
4 illegal parking jobs and 4 get out of jail free cards! I am living on the edge!
Sang for 2 hours
Danced for 2 hours
Clapped my hands for 2 hours - They were red and swollen when I was done.
Lots of talking.
Lots of exasperated sighs while driving through insane French traffic (that must burn A TON of calories.)


  1. What a fun day! Good car karma. That crepe looks amazing....mmmmm.

  2. Mmmm... it was the best day in FOREVER!

  3. heal/heel

  4. Love, love, love your blog. I have a question about the french activities of drinking and smoking. Do you drink wine or alcohol? Do you smoke? Neither seems to be mentioned, but I was just wondering. I'm trying to play along at home but am drinking a few glasses of wine a week and don't know if that is your secret. Thanks again for sharing your lives with us.

  5. Karen's busy with her son so I'm pretty sure she doesn't often find the time or energy to drink - am I right, Karen? I rarely drink - only when non-French friends visit do I have a beer or two in a brasserie or a bottle of wine by the Seine. For some strange reason, most of my French friends are non-drinkers. When I lived in LA, I was out all the time and drank often.

    Karen quit smoking ages ago. I smoke off and on. When I'm smoking, it's usually about a pack or two a week. Then I'll get disgusted and/or tired of it and won't smoke for a few months. Then, I don't know, I'll have an urge to smoke with a coffee or something and I'll pick it back up for awhile. It's ugly and gross and I don't recommend it.

    Glad you're trying it at home. Check in and let us know how you're coming along from time to time.