Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 18 From Burbank: New Friends

Apple with cheese for breakfast.

Coffee with half and half and sugar.
(This is not French. Shaboom told me they take their coffee with 2% milk and no sugar.
I hate it that way so I decided to splurge a little.)

We walked to a local grocery store and loaded up with fresh fruit and goodies.

Lot's of stairs on the way.

Then, of course, the bakery.
(Said in bad sexy French accent)
"There's my pretty little hot ham and cheese croissant."

3 enjoyed the lemon poppyseed cake.

We met some new friends.

Dinner was pasta and yogurt.

40 flights of stairs and some indoor cardio.

Bons Amis!


  1. What an interesting experiment, how did it go so far? I read the book: "why french women don't get fat". It has nice french recipes in it.

  2. that croissant looks terrific! but i don't know about your half & half and sugar. i might have to send the french skinny police after you!

  3. Mademoiselle Égérie, so far so good! I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I feel guilty eating all the bread and goodies. The 40 flights of stairs still feel like I'm going to work out but I have incorporated the walks in with grocery shopping and little adventures that ALWAYS include a treat at the end.
    My kryptonite so far is the coffee with half and half and sugar.

    Shaboom, I know. I'll work on it. (Which means I'll probably have more before I don't)
    (flicking hair and a French pout)

  4. While you're doing what your friend did, I'll be doing what you're doing.

    Let's hope something freakin works. Summer is howling at my door...

  5. I just love your experiment. I am going to read every single post.

    Joy is a path.

  6. Empress, I know what you mean. It just doesn't feel right eating this stuff knowing at some point I will be in summer clothes!

    Thanks Cassandra!!! I'm going to take my joy to Pavilion's now:)

  7. Yum Yum! you are making my fat ass want to try the french skinny!
    In other news, great pics!

  8. That croissant is killing me. I'm totally pms'ing. I just ate a second dinner. So not the French Way. Or is it?

  9. How did you prepare the cat?