Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joyeux Dimanche (Happy Sunday)

We hope you all had a great week and that you're getting a few moments to relax this weekend.

Imagine you are staying in a lovely French apartment overlooking the park and spending a lazy Sunday morning drinking your café au lait with the spring sun shining in the windows.

I'd love to take a long, leisurely bath today...


Photos from À la Parisienne


  1. Um yes, that would be quite lovely indeed!

  2. OOOOH LA LA!!!!

  3. I spent the day out in the Marais and although it's still chilly, the sun sure is nice!

  4. Those photos remind me of my apartment vacation rental searches in Paris:

  5. I tried for the long luxurious bath today.
    After 3 minutes in the tub, my kid hijacked the bath.
    Splashing war ensued.
    Did not feel very French.

  6. Aw... Lisa. Sorry it didn't quite work out this time. The Bob. We love him, even when he hijacks your me time. But hey, at least you have a bathtub and you can try again tomorrow! I first have to get a bathtub... maybe I should find a new place to live. That might be a lot easier.