Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 17 From Burbank: Shenanigans

Apple and cheese for breakfast.

3 and I pick up Grammy and take her to Aunt Bonnie's house. Being there is like every wonderful holiday you've ever had + a wicked game of hide and seek all rolled into one. (I know, I totally lucked out)

I call Hubby on my way to appointments.

Me: "So your Mom just told me about the time you were 15 and she caught you having a party at the house."

Hubby: "I can't believe she told you that story."

Me: "There were some shenanigans going on in your room involving a girl."

Hubby: "Why would she tell you that story?"

Me: "Because it's kind of funny and we were bonding."

Hubby: "Let's not talk about it anymore okay?"

Me: "I'll never mention it again."
(Clearly he doesn't read my blog)

More apples and cheese for lunch.
This is my new fast food.

Finish all appointments.

Pick up 3. Of course he doesn't want to leave the heaven that is Aunt Bonnie's house.
We drive over the hill.
Home by 7:00pm.

40 flights of stairs.

Baguette, cheese and olives for dinner.

Shenanigans for dessert.