Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 18 from France: Joyeuses Pâques
Happy Easter

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday. I spent a lot of time looking at everyone's photos on their blogs and Facebook and didn't feel the least bit jealous of your Peeps and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. It doesn't bother me one iota that there is a jellybean-pooping bunny somewhere out there and that I don't have one. I didn't miss coloring eggs and you know, who really cares that the Easter Bunny seems to have lost my address?! While all of you spend Monday in the States at work, just remember that it's still a holiday here and everyone's out on the streets and in the cafés eating pain au chocolat and not getting fat!

I ate breakfast in bed with Obsessed! after an hour of indoor cardio. I had pasta, Nutella and strawberry jam on bread, a Petit Filou, an apple and some tea.

I had a really late lunch of rice with tomato sauce, corn and egg whites. Then I had a crème brulée flavored pudding.

I had a couple of pieces of chocolate before bed with my glass of tea just to feel like I was joining in the spirit of Easter but I don't think I was fooling myself. All it did was make my teeth brushing water a gross murky brown. Note to self, don't eat chocolate before bed.

10 km walk with the dog along the canal & plenty of trips up and down the stairs at home.


  1. We missed you Shaboomy!
    But I have to say I love when you get in a snit because there's usually extra chocolate involved.

  2. not digging the creme brulee flavored pudding...but everything else, yes. Even the rice/tomato/corn thing.

    I just finished a very good book called "In the Defense of Food" and the author spends several pages on the "French Paradox" of eating and how French are much healthier than we health-crazed Americans.
    You eat less.
    You eat pure.
    You savor food.
    You celebrate food.
    You rarely eat alone.
    All the author needed to do was take a trip over to your blog to find this out. But like I've said before...your blog WILL be a book/movie one day so he'll discover you soon enough.

  3. Bumpkin - Thanks!
    Karen - Miss you too!
    Pen and View - I'll have to pick up "In The Defense of Food" next time I'm in the states. Sounds interesting. One thing not in your list is the French think eating while standing is absolutely atrocious. And they don't eat on the go or hurry you through your meal at a restaurant. It's so refreshing.

    Have a good day, all of you. It's 4am in Paris. I'm going to try to sleep (again) but Obsessed! is snoring like an underwater chainsaw. Kill me. When I told my dad about my insomnia last night on the phone (at 6am my time) he told me to drink red wine before bed.