Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 27 from Burbank: The BBQ

We're having a BBQ tonight.
Must get baked goods for.....(insert any reason)
Walked to Porto's again with 3.
(Porto's is not paying me. We just love them.)
We saw our friends the kittycats.
Made a few new friends and picked up some goodies for tonight.

Of course we had to sit down and have a chocolate croissant before we head home.

Fresh baguette an apple and cheese.

3 was too excited about our friends coming over to take a nap.
This is both adorable and frightening.

Our friends show up!
Unexpected friends show up!
Let's get this party started!
With the first batch of Fries.

Hubby grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.
All very good but then......I made Parmesan Fries.
A huge hit, if I do say so myself.
Okay, the hamburger was amazing too.

Our friends brought ice cream for dessert.
A chocolate gelato dream that I wanted out of my house immediately but they refused to take home.
This is gonna be trouble.

The night was going great until my sweet darling 3 year old locked their 1 year old in a room all by herself.
Her Daddy was outside looking in the window talking to her while my Hubby got out the power tools and took the doorknob off.
(There's something about my guy wielding a makita that is so hot)
Tomorrow ALL locks are coming off!
They were very understanding.

Centerpiece by my kid

Like all truly wonderful parties, unless it ends in a complete meltdown by someone it's just not fully lived out.
This one did not disappoint.
There was an accidental head butting situation that resulted in quick exits and screaming goodbyes.

And yet, I call it a success.

De Amis Chers


  1. i love a man who knows how to handle power tools.

  2. I'm telling you, it gets me every time.

  3. I'm sure those fries made it all worthwhile...

  4. Fries and a chocolate croissant? Are you kidding me? Its like a slice of heaven.

  5. After i read this, i had to go out and eat sweet potato fries for lunch... now, where do i find a makita?

  6. Dude, from now on I'm eating over at your place.