Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 28 from Burbank: Weigh In: Week 4 - And A New Doo

Weigh in week 4

Week 1 = 3 pounds
Week 2 = 7 pounds
Week 3 = 2 pounds
Week 4 = 1 pound

Total = 13 pounds in 4 weeks

I'm feeling so sassy I think I'll try a different doo.
No, I haven't gotten rid of the scrunchies, but I think I'm getting close.

My first attempt at a scrunchie-less doo.

Hubby just kind of laughed and said "Fancy."
That's good right?

I love when friends and family visit from out of town because we do things that we normally don't. Today we're taking our niece and nephew to the Farmer's Market. I wonder if they have a crepe place. That would be perfect.


They know what they're doing here.

Coffee. Yay.

We were too full from breakfast to have lunch.

No stairs today.
No walking today.

Later that night

3 had a little dinner and passed out.

Hubby and I had cheese and olives for dinner.
We call it our "Condiment Dinner."

Then Hubby passed out.

I couldn't sleep so I had some pasta.

Then I had that devil gelato left by our dinner guests last night.

Finally asleep by midnight.

Vive La French Skinny Experiment!


  1. Merci beaucoup mon cher! And thanks!

  2. Do do that hair do that you do so well.

  3. Oooh, yes, condiments please! BUT I'm just like you, if I can't sleep, eating always helps. Pasta = sleep, oh no! Thanks for stopping by Little Blue Deer, this is really cool! I'm totally going to be following your journey, awesome idea!

  4. fuck it. I'm just going to eat what you eat.

  5. Awesome, Bernthis!!! We already have 2 other readers eating what I eat. Karen has some competition now.

    Karen, are you going to be secretly jealous yet verbally supportive if Reader One and Reader Two surpass your results?

  6. Yes. Actually there are 2 other people I didn't tell you about that has started the French Skinny. One has lost 2 pounds in the first week.
    Whoo Hooo!

    P.S. I know Bernthis, she is a tiny person that needs a sandwich and a milkshake.