Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 24 from France: Moving On

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

9am - I woke up and ate a crêpe that Obsessed! left by my bedside.

Did a butt-load of laundry today so I went up and down the stairs millions of times.

noon - Obsessed! came home and we did 2 hours of indoor cardio.

2:30pm - He made me curry rice for lunch.

4pm - 2hrs piano

6pm - shower - that burns tons of calories

7pm - apple

8pm - choir practice - a thermos of tea, 2 hours of singing and dancing and clapping STRAIGHT. I did a lot of walking and a lot of stairs in the metro system.

11pm - pasta, salad, apricot yogurt, more tea, 1/4 pear

midnight - SwimSwim informed me via email that he's moving out of my place and into his new place ...downstairs the same building as of April 1st because, you know, he needs to "move on." That must be guy speak for I'm lazy, I don't mind that you'll still be a witness to my private life, and I'm inconsiderate of your broken heart

2:30am - Obsessed! fell asleep watching tv on his iPhone. When I went to sleep, there was french porn on ...coincidence? Plot very riveting - naughty nurses and bubble baths...

3am - one hour indoor cardio

4am - warm banana bread (Obsessed! loves when I make it but calls it banana cake) and Nutella


  1. I think I finally get the indoor cardio routine you are on....maybe.......Can not wait to go and buy me some Nutella and banana cake.

  2. Hello dahling, my fabulous bestest Bumpkin sent me to your site and I am hooked! Happy to be following along now, can't wait to catch up on your archives!! :)

  3. Hi Trish. WELCOME!!

    Bumpkin know exactly the cardio routine I'm talking about. BTW don't buy but MAKE the banana bread/cake. Trust me.

  4. Hey Shaboomy! That banana bread looks delicious!

    Swimswim is an idiot. There is something seriously wrong with him.

    Love you!