Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 28 from France:
Eating On The Go

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

11am - I woke up

1pm - shower... this does not seem very French!

2:15 - I ate a pain au chocolat on the train preceded by a ham sandwich on a baguette with lettuce and dijonaise.

3:15pm - I met up with a new friend I sing with who agreed to walk with me to rehearsal since I have no clue where it is. When we scheduled the meet up, she went back and forth between two different train stations on two different lines. In the end, I was waiting at the one and she was waiting at the other. TYPICAL. So, I backtracked and finally met up with her at Gambetta and we set off. We were VERY late.

3:30pm - We finally arrived at rehearsal with chouquettes which we picked up on the way.

6pm - We all went for drinks after we were finished singing. I had 50cl of Kronenburg 1664 beer at Bar du Metro.

8pm - I figured since I was already out, I'd go to the movies just I used to on Sundays back in LA with my girl, Bad Ass. I left Obsessed! a message to let him know with enough advance time so he could join me if he wished. Then I waited at Café Fontaine where I drank a kir pêche and ate 8 very soggy potato chips.

9:40pm - I saw Shutter Island alone. It was scary but I liked it.

12:00am - Obsessed! and Mali picked me up at Place Gambetta so I wouldn't have to take the train alone at night. Intermittent chivalry - I'll take it when I can get it. We came home and snacked a little before bed. I had
hot chocolate & a savory crèpe.

Obsessed! had a salad with bacon and potatoes.


  1. I can't believe you showered! What the heck?

    That salad looks yummy.

  2. I know, me neither! Next on the agenda, shaving the legs ...I know, not very French. But, it has been since the end of January/beginning of February since the last shave. Let's just say, I can almost braid the leg hair at this point...

  3. can't i just switch lives with you for one week?

  4. bernthis - it'd be like a vacation, right? i sure could use a vacation.