Thursday, June 3, 2010

Burbank Day 43: Tough Love

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA, USA

The last day at my Momma's house.

Is it me or does this humming bird look angry?
I don't think he likes sharing my Momma and I don't blame him.

My Momma has what one would call a green thumb. I didn't inherit this talent. It's time to find out her secret. I look at her sweet gentle face and ask.

Me: Momma, look at these giant roses! I can't grow anything! What's your secret? The soil?

Momma: Nope. I threaten them.

Me: Excuse me?

Momma: Some people talk to their plants. I threaten them. I once had a plumaria for 2 years that never bloomed. I told her that's it, if you don't bloom this year, you're out of here. And I mean it. Then I pointed to the trash can. Do you know it bloomed one stinkin flower that year. One! But it's been blooming pretty good every year after that. Yep, you have to threaten them.

Me: Tough love. Got it.

It also seems like she has the entire Southern California population of humming birds in her backyard. I think she puts double the sugar in her humming bird feeder. Shhhhh. She knows them all. And if you look closely they all seem to have their own personality. Like the angry guy up there.

Coffee with the Sgt. Major. He and Rosalie have a whole toy room for 3 to play in. It is truly heaven to visit.
Breakfast was 2 eggs with dijonaise.

Was able to lay down, snuggle with one of my Momma's afghans she made and read a book for an hour while 3 played with her.

There is a 4 story ramp down the street. I go up and down 10 times. Apparently I take too long. I turn around and the Sgt. Major is driving by. He just wanted to check on his little sister to make sure I was okay. Love him.

Before I leave we sit outside drinking ice tea in the rocking chairs. These are often the best talks. I still need her advice. I take these pictures. We watch the humming birds.
I'm having a hard time leaving.
Those Dorrito's start calling my name.
I pack up and go before I get into more trouble.

3 fell asleep in the car. We finally get home and there was a successful car to bed nap transfer.
He stayed asleep for 2 more hours. He played hard at Grandma's house.

I'm not really tired, what is it? Oh! I'm relaxed! Haven't felt like that in a long time.

Video conference with Hubby. Just a few more days and he'll be home.

I'm still wearing his T Shirt.

Dinner was ham, cheese and grapes.

I need to get some food in this house.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.


  1. Amazing hummingbird photos!
    Amazing un-touched Doritos!

  2. Hey ladies. This is such a great blog! (And the photos above are gorgeous!) I have to say that as an American that has recently moved to London, unfortunately the "lose weight without trying" does not apply here in the UK! Ugh. I was also wondering if you would pretty please share the recipe for the pasta carbonara. It looks amazing. Oh, and because I'm inspired, I made a crepe tonight for dinner. Probably a poor imitation, but man was it good! So thank you!

  3. Thanks Kim! It's been fun:) I asked Shaboom the same thing and this is the recipe she gave me. Crepes are a whole new world for me. I think I had one before I started this. I love them:)

    From Day 15 from France: (In the comment section)

    It's Obsessed!'s specialty, so I never make it anymore. But, as far as I know...

    Boil pasta in big pot of salted water until al dente, then drain. Reserve a cup of the broth to add into your sauce later.

    While you were boiling the pasta, you should have started (in a deep dish frying pan) to fry up some cubed or sliced panchetta (ham) in butter (or olive oil.) It only takes about 3 minutes to get the ham crispy and reduce the fat content. You can add fresh sliced garlic to the ham and cook for the last minute or two before you add the pasta if you want. Instead of panchetta, you can also use bacon. Don't tell Obsessed! that I'm bastardizing his recipe.

    Once you've drained your pasta, throw it in with the buttery panchetta and toss for a minute or two in order to coat the pasta in your pork fat/butter mixture.

    While you're preparing your pasta or your panchetta on the stove, in a bowl on the counter, crack some eggs. Obsessed! uses an egg yolk per person. (When I make it, I use the entire egg, so I take an egg per 2 people and then add an extra.) You beat the yolks together and add some salty pasta broth, parmesan and freshly ground black pepper until you get the right consistency. (Obsessed! adds the broth, cheese and pepper not to the eggs but directly to the pasta on the plate.)

    If you're Obsessed!, you take the pasta/ham/butter/garlic mixture out of the pan and put directly onto your plates/bowls from which you'll be eating. You IMMEDIATELY add the egg yolks and mix into the pasta ham mixture. The heat of the pasta ham mixture cooks the egg which is why it's so important to not let the pasta cool down EVER during the process. Carbonara has to be served and eaten right away which is why it is rarely served in restaurants. Once you've turned the eggs into the pasta, you add some of the pasta broth to the plate to smooth it out. Add freshly grated Parmesan and grind some black pepper over your plate and serve. Voila!

    When I used to make this dish, I found it easier to add the pepper, broth, parmesan, etc into the eggs before mixing it with the hot pasta. I would also add fresh parsley and/or corn and/or peas to the pasta ham mixture once it's on the plate. This makes Obsessed! cringe with embarrassment. If you find you are a fan of the French creamier version of carbonara, you can add cream to the egg mixture before adding it to the pasta.

    When I cook, I always make way too much food. I don't know how it always happens that way, but it does. I am not going to get into how much pasta is appropriate per person, but I'm sure you have your own method of gauging. As
    far as the other quantities are concerned, per person, I usually use a handful of panchetta cubes, a handful of corn and 2 tablespoons of grated parmesan.

    Bon Apetit!

  4. k - those pics are amazing... and the hummingbird does look angry! give De a big kiss for me :)

  5. Karen, why is it when you write I just want to trade lives with you?

  6. thanks everyone. kim - enjoy the carbonara!!!