Saturday, June 19, 2010

Karen - Day 50 - The View

Day 50 of the French Skinny Experiment..........

I forgot to mention something.

The first morning I woke up in New York I made a phone call.
"Front desk. Can I help you?"
"Ummm, I know this might sound weird..."
"Believe me, I've heard it all. Nothing sounds weird to me."
"Well, I was wondering if it was okay to walk up and down the stairs here."
"You're on the 39th floor."
"Yeah, it's a long story. I want to walk up and down 39 flights of stairs."
"Hold on............Okay. That's fine but not at night."

I've been walking up to my room every day since I've been here.

5:00AM: No room service yet.
Went downstairs at 6am. Thank you for being open Starbucks.
Off to Queens.
Once I arrived, I had a delicious bacon, tomato and cheese omelet.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Lunch: Hamburger and fries!

After lunch I walk back to my room for a nap.


There's a revolving bar at the top of the hotel called "The View".
I decide to check it out.

I'm on the top of the world!!!

Day 50 in France: Shaboom is searching for the shopping nuns.
Day 50 in New York: I had no idea Shaboom was searching for nuns. I am a little obsessed with nuns because I think they are beautiful and I wanted to be one when I was little. Even though I was raised Lutheran. I took this picture because I thought they looked pretty. I guess I found the nuns she was looking for. So bizarre.

After The View I went to a Spanish Tapas restaurant. I just told the server to bring me the three tapas he would like. Surprise me!
Out came a plate of thinly cut cured meat and cheese. Delicious.
Then a plate of stuffed mushrooms. Delicious.
Then a plate of filet minion so tender you could cut it with a fork.


Muy Bien


  1. you look pretty. Keep up the great posts. look forward to them each day.

  2. enough with the pictures. You're killing me. I miss NYC so much

  3. wow - delicious food, architecture and more! love it...

  4. you stole my nuns = best comment ever.
    love your blog ladies. i catch up with you once every few days while eating something sinful (today's snack is a chocolate chip muffin) after walking around my suburban massachusetts town with my dog and two kids ignoring all curious stares.