Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 54 from France:
Shopping For Yachts

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris Brittany/Normandy...

Breakfast in Lorient before the boat show went something like this...

And off we went! I stood around watching my parents contemplate cherry wood or mahogany? Master bath on the right side of the boat or the left? Do we need more closet space? Stainless steel appliances or wood paneled?

Here's some photos of the catamaran they liked best.

I think they finally realized that I'd still summer with them no matter which version they chose, so we went off in search of lunch. I found this mouth-watering baked potato stand. They were amazing! And huge! I couldn't eat a whole one so Mom and I shared. Mmm... bacon, sour cream, tomato, butter, salt, cheese...

We walked around the harbor some to work off our huge meal. I started thinking about whether or not agreeing to go on this short trip with my parents was such a good deal. I could have worked all weekend - click here to read more.

We then hit the road again, leaving Brittany and entering Normandy. We stopped a few times for a latte so the old folks could stretch their legs. This is an interesting way to road trip as I usually only allow stops when the gas tank is on empty - I don't care how badly you have to pee!

In France, although you have to pay for toll roads out the wazoo, it's nice to have relatively clean restrooms that don't make you pay to go. When you've been driving 800km straight and you REALLY have to pee because some crazy nazi won't let you stop unless you need gas, that is not the time to be fishing through your purse for a 20 centimes piece or whatnot.

We arrived in Les Bayeux where we are spending the night. We checked into our hotel and took a long walk.

Then we spotted a lovely restaurant and we knew we had to have dinner there tonight.

So we did! I photographed the view (with my iPhone) as the sun went down.

We had a bottle of rosé,

pâté with toast points and some sort of sweet apple yumminess,

the fish for the main course,

baked goat cheese salad,

and profiteroles for dessert!


  1. That looks so beautiful! I feel like I just had a mini vacation.
    Miss you Shaboom.


  2. Wow...what a dining view! Absolutely amazing. Dinner looked fab as well. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you...yacht shopping...yeah, that's never going to happen in my lifetime unless I dump the bf and find a new, rich one. Hmmmmm...