Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 50 from France:
LA DUREE But No Shopaholic Nuns

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

I started the day off right with breakfast in bed, natch.

Then I met my American friends at noon at Saint Michel. They wanted to shop a little so we took Saint Germain by storm! We then walked down to Le Bon Marché which is apparently near some cloisters. Being Catholic, one of my friends was
really hoping to spot some nuns (I heard that this is where they all shop) and scope out what they're buying...

No nuns.

I got sternly scolded by store security when they spotted me with my camera. Clearly I am going to take the photos to sweatshops in Asia to have the French luxury goods mass produced by small children.

Cute café across the street

Lunch - salad with pork, paté, potatoes, beans, tomatoes

Place de la Concorde

We walked up Les Champs Elysées

LADUREE!!!!!! This is for you
Ma-Ma-Muffin Top!

l'Arc de Triomphe

Avenue Georges V

Le Pont d'Alma

I then met up with a new French girlfriend that I sing with at a café near the Pantheon before we went to choir rehearsal.

The train strike is still in effect.

The loveliest of days had the sweetest of endings - CRÊPES!!


  1. those pics from Laduree would look great hanging in my kitchen!

  2. Until this blog I had no idea that I had a desperate need to go to Paris and eat until I explode.

  3. Keri - I could send them to you.

    Clementine - YOU NEED TO COME! fly first class know you wanna.