Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 54 from Burbank: Chips crisis.

The chips crisis continues.
It's making me miserable.
This is the dialog going on in my head.
"Who cares? Live your life. Tomorrow is another day. You won't be able to have chips again until this is over so you better eat them all."

"Wait........ What?????
That's it!
That's what got me into this in the first place.
The fear of being denied what I love makes me want more of it.
A calm comes over me.
The crisis is over for a moment.
I stop in midchip, tell myself I can have whatever I want. If I want chips, I can have them. The French Skinny is not about dieting. It's about NEVER dieting but enjoying what I'm eating, sitting down to eat, and when I'm full I stop.

The chips are back in the cupboard........ For now.

How did this fear of being deprived creep back into my brain? A lifetime of practice maybe?

I feel hopeful again.
Then I remember I'm getting on the scale in 2 days. I already know it's going to be bad. For the first time since I started this it will be bad.
I will not diet.
I will not diet.
I will not diet.

Back to walking, baguettes, fresh vegetables, fruit, real butter, crepes and lots of sex.

By the way, Hubby has no idea I'm going through a chips crisis. He's just happy I'm home and we're having a wonderful time (ahem) making up for lost time.

*I was going to take a picture of the chips and salsa but.............I ate them.
I photographed these hummingbirds in my Momma's backyard.


  1. Karen! Get ahold of yourself!!! This is the woman who walked up, like 36 flights of stairs to her hotel room while on vacation! You have not lost the fight!! Although it gives me a small hint of satisfaction to know I'm not alone in my chip binges, I know deep down that you will prevail. Chips schmips...toss em in the trash...think about those dreamy chocolate croissants at the bakery 5 miles away. Lace up those walking shoes and get to walk'n. I'll eat the chips while reading about how great you're doing!! :D

  2. I would take a baguette with butter and preserves over chips any day of the week and twice on sunday. Do you know how lucky you've been to lose weight while eating all that delicious food? Chips are beneath you ;) Keep strong!

  3. Ooooo, I have a "savory" weakness too. And I understand the denial aversion. But it sounds like you're doing fabulously!