Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 47 from France:
Long Day

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

Obsessed! failed to wake up and go to his first day of his own business so he decided today would be his first day. The alarm started blaring at 4am. I finally woke him at 6am. I made him hot chocolate for the road and coffee for his friend.

Once they left, I made myself some coffee and ate 6 inches of a baguette with Rondelé. Vapors came down to the kitchen to inflict her daily dose of woe is me before going to work.

Finally, I was all alone.

I had had enough of résumé editing and was feeling too discouraged to apply for jobs today. I was experiencing a minor ear issue so couldn't sing or play the piano. Instead of something productive or fun, I decided to reverse the layout of my bedroom. It's the important things in life, people...

I felt short of breath halfway through and worried I'd faint. I thought it might have been low blood sugar so I drank 33cl of Coke with 4 chocolate chip madeleines. Mmmm... Coca-Cola, nectar of the gods.

It didn't really help. I was still shaky. (There is no way I'm pregnant. NO WAY! No. This is impossible. Can't be. I will Jedi Mind Trick it to go my way. NOT pregnant. No no no no no no.) But the show must go on! I continued the bedroom reversal until completion. I have to say, it's much better this new way.

I ate a small bowl of rice with soy sauce and 1 strawberry yogurt before hopping on a train to meet Vapors in the 14th.

The French language is littered with flowery excess and dramatic exaggeration. I swear they all think they're Jean-Paul Sartre or something. Instead of posting a sign in the train asking you not to litter, they post a poem.

Destin d'un journal abandonné:

Attrapé à la volée,
Feuilleté en vitesse sur le quai,
Lu et relu, même l'édito,
Classique pour le journal du métro!
Mais sur le siège abandonné,
Glissé, tombé, piétiné, déchiqueté,
Eh oui, pour le pauvre journal, la poubelle
Eut été, ô combien, une fin plus belle...

In English:
Throw away your crap!

Vapors and I enjoyed the JINORMOUS art installation and the smaller photos in the trees. Then we sat at the café and had a treat. Mine consisted of:
1 triangle of toblerone (yellow)
1 café crème

We then got stuck FOR HOURS in a train strike. Fun.

Best part about it was we didn't know what it was until the train just stopped between stations for an hour, then went to the next station and made us all get out and basically fend for ourselves. Awesome.

A couple of hours and about 15 kilometers on foot later, we finally made it home.

Obsessed! made me eat (okay, twist my arm) and I had:
1/2 ham cheese egg crêpe
5 olives
1 madeleine
1 cup tea

I was exhausted and went to bed at 11pm. I should get stuck in strikes more often! Or maybe it's the new bedroom layout - hmm...


  1. Yes, changing the bedroom layout solves almost everything in life. And if that doesn't work, there's always bacon.
    Is it wrong that I think you should eat more?
    Half a baguette with cheese.
    Half a crepe and some tea?
    Oh wait, you had 5 olives, never mind. You must be stuffed.

    Heart you.

  2. Your reader from SoCal will continue to suggest more vegetation.

  3. Rondelé has chives or something green in it.

  4. That's what happens when you get eat half of everything, eat a square of chocolate with some tea and call it dessert. I can't wait!