Saturday, June 12, 2010

Karen -Day 47: Room Service

On Day 47 of The French Skinny Experiment I woke up in New York.

I get to watch whatever I want.
Do whatever I want.
And there's room service.
Who invented room service? I love them.

Hello New York.

I'm going to need some snacks. So I get on my walking shoes and head out. The Cranberry Cafe caught my eye and I walked in. It's fantastic. Lot's of healthy snacks and a salad bar. Perfect.

Salad, apples, nuts, water and another coffee.

Times Square during the day.

I'm feeling very small. In a good way.
I skyped Hubby and 3.
3 is missing me. Which makes me feel good and bad at the same time.

I went to a wonderful Russian Fusion Restaurant called The Firebird.
They have a caviar menu.
I had caviar.
I had a pear salad.
I had the tea infused duck.
Then they brought me dessert.
It was lovely.

It's pretty here.

It's exciting here.

It's so far from Burbank.
I wonder what it would be like to live in the city that never sleeps.
Would my opinions be different?
Would my beliefs be different?
More importantly, would my hair be different?

I must sleep.


  1. I really enjoyed this post.

    Three years ago my husband and I went to NYC for a romantic getaway -- an art trip. We stayed in a hotel just off 5th Avenue and strolled up Museum Row.

    We soaked ourselves in art for three days and took breaks in a wonderful little coffee shop: Cafe Sebarsky.

    I'll remember that trip even when I am old. I wondered too how I might be different if I lived there all the time. It was fun to think about.

  2. My hometown. I try not to miss it even after all these years. But then something reminds me. Glad it treated you well.

  3. I love New York - and yet my favorite photo this morning is of the room service tray. Gorgeous.

  4. yes, your hair would be different. and your scrunchies would have been gone a long time ago.

  5. oh boy, do I miss HOME. I have been trying to get back there for a bit of time now but the flights are so expensive. Phoebe hasn't seen the place in close to a year and that is just not right. Thank you for posting a piece of home for me. Sigh

  6. Karen, I am living vicariously through you!! I want to go to New York SOOOOOOOO badly!! One day...(sigh) will happen.