Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 51 from France:
Keep Your Enemies Closer

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

I ate 2 raspberry fromage packs and 1 peach yogurt for breakfast.

I met my American friends on their last day in town at Saint Michel again where we ate lunch. I had risotto with artichoke, zuchini, and peppers. Then I drank a little piece of heaven - a 50cl Coca-Cola.

We did tons of walking around Montmartre. Maybe 20 kilometers.

I then went back down to Raspail with them to help them navigate through the French metro system and the train strikes.

Once they were safely on their way to Italy, I went to Bastille to show my face in the bar/nightclub where I had a trial night a way back. Good timing - it was the manager's last day who called me in originally. He is going to manage a place in the 8th in about a month. He put my name and number down in their little black book and said someone would call me soon.

I then met up with Vapors for coffee and she proceeded to talk smack about Obsessed! and his business sense (or lack thereof) for a couple of hours. She is really hard to be around. I feel like I need to keep up a friendship with her in order to have a more tranquil home environment but it's really difficult to hear so many negative things about Obsessed! without buying into it. Maybe she's just trying to get me to feel negative about him so she can a.) get rid of me, b.) comfort Obsessed! when I leave him broken hearted, and c.) win him over and have him for herself.

Have I ever told you she's in love with him? Yeah, I pretty much am convinced that she's in love with him. They've been friends and on-again off-again roommates for about 10 years. They met a few months before he and I met back in 1999.

She and I decided to go for a long walk, because, you know, I hadn't already spent the entire day traipsing around Paris or anything. It started to rain so we headed home.

Vapors cooked ground pork steak, tater tots, and made a salad - all of which she shared with me. I also ate a peach yogurt and 2 pieces of chocolate before heading to bed.

No indoor cardio tonight. She pitted me against him and made me see a lot of things I didn't know about him. I was totally not in the mood. Dagnabbit, evil wins again!


  1. Ah, the art of close to the art of love.

  2. Uh, now I'm ticked. How so very uncool to bash your friend's boyfriend Vapors. Tsk Tsk.