Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 52 from France:
Shaboom's Parents Come to Town

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

Obsessed! is crazy involved with his new business and gets up early and bangs around in the kitchen like no one is listening. At 10am I awoke and he fed me olive ham cakes. Yummy!

He went off to sell his crêpes to the public so my OCD self started to clean, dust, and vacuum ...and put away the MOUNDS and MOUNTAINS of Obsessed's laundry. It's what I do.

For the time being.

And then I realized I was home alone and that Obsessed had run out trying to distract me from the fact that he hadn't made me any coffee by throwing savory cakes in my path.

So I tried to make coffee. I think I may have burned it. This "single" life is hard!

He left me a crêpe ready to heat up for lunch. Aww... it almost makes me forget all the crazy things Vapors told me about him last night.

At 5pm, I was to have an interview with an advertising executive for *gasp* a real job. She canceled in the 10th hour.

So I ate another crêpe.

My parents arrived by plane to Paris a few hours later. I couldn't go meet them immediately because I had rehearsal and it was such a beautiful day that I had to take a photo of the neighborhood where we get together.

How can anyone hate Paris?!?! This may be the most enchanting city in the world!!!

After rehearsal, I rushed home and Obsessed! made me dinner and sent me with a delicious goody bag for my parents who I met at their hotel. They brought me tons of goodies and I exchanged their kindness for lots of hugs and scrumptious picnic. (Thanks, Obsessed!)

We said goodnight for the evening so I could go home to "sleep" for a few hours before we're due to meet up tomorrow for our long weekend in Normandy and Brittany. I can't wait! French countryside + Parental love + yacht shopping = relaxation in Shaboom land!!!