Thursday, June 17, 2010

Karen - Day 49 : Central Park, Bliss and Fire

I'm off to get a delicious breakfast.

A walk through Central Park.

Seriously. Who made this day?

A quiet place.

The Bridge.



I had the Steak and Eggs.
My belly is full.

On to the next adventure.

In the middle of my 75 minute massage, my masseuse asks,
"So you're from New York?"
"You have New Yorker's calves. You must do a lot of walking."


You are always on my mind........

Dinner was at a Cajon Restaurant, off Broadway.
Yummy Blackened fish and steamed veggies.
There were candles on the table.
So pretty.
When I was done eating, I put my paper napkin on my plate, like I always do to signal the end of a meal.
The paper napkin caught fire.
I blew on it.
(Flashback to Girl Scouts - How to light a fire: Fire needs oxygen. Crap.)
Everyone in the restaurant is silent.
And staring.
My eyebrows are getting hot.
I grab my glass of water and throw it on the fire.
The entire restaurant bursts into applause.
I stand up and take a bow "Thank you! I'm here every night!"
Finally, I have my Off Broadway Hit. And boy does it feel good.

Good Night Everyone! Don't forget to tip your waiter!


  1. I am laughing out loud! Thank you Karen, for making my morning!