Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 42 From Burbank: Weigh In Week 6

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA, USA

Weigh In Week 6
Week 1 - 3 pounds
Week 2 - 7 pounds
Week 3 -2 pounds
Week 4 -1 pound
Week 5 -1/2 pound
Week 6 -1/2 pound
Total Lost 14 pounds

Still at Momma's house.
My Dad was a wood carver.
This is called Koa #1
It's carved out of one piece of Koa wood.
I love this so much, I asked him once what it was.
He asked me what I saw in it.
I said I see the waves of the ocean and a ship trying to control the sea but it never will because the ocean is too strong.
He smiled, nodded, his eyes welled up and he couldn't talk.
I guess he liked my interpretation.
He never told me what his interpretation of it was.
It's so wonderful that he made these pieces of art for us to hold and remember.

My Momma only makes decaf. So I go next door to the Sgt. Major's house.
Me: "For the love of God can I have some real coffee?" He saves me again.

We went out for breakfast with the church ladies. I was starving. Had a giant omelette with a raw jalapeno on the side and hash browns. All of a sudden I hear 4 say to the church ladies.
"For the love of God can I have some real coffee?"

Lunch was an apple and gruyere cheese.

I made dinner for everyone. Brushette with mozarella cheese and panchetta for an appetizer. Pasta carbonara for the main course. Everyone wants me to stay longer.

Confession: Got into my mom's Nacho Cheese Dorritos and salsa. I was a very bad girl. The only French thing about this is that I enjoyed every bite. I need to go home tomorrow before I get into more trouble.



  1. I don't understand this "decaf" you speak of.

  2. Doritos are a downfall of mine as well, tasty little suckers aren't they!
    Back to the stairs, and this faux paus will be gone before the top!

  3. Miss Lisa, I don't speak decaf either!
    Bumkin on a Swing, thank goodness for stairs!