Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 53 from France:
Dinner By The Seaside

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

My parents and I were going to meet at their hotel for breakfast before driving to Brittany. Obsessed! hates when I leave town, even though I'm only leaving for 3-4 days. So he insisted on driving me to their hotel so he could spend an extra half hour with me and so he could go say hi to them.

He was late getting up and took a long time getting ready so we were nearly an hour late. I consequently missed breakfast and was incredibly irritated with him. (Side note - my parents are insanely punctual, so being late for them is not only disappointing, but stressful for me.) But my parents find Obsessed! to be very charming and although tardiness is normally a sure-fire way to piss them off, they said nothing and were gracious and full of smiles when they saw him. They had even brought him a present and goodies with them from back home.

Once my parents and I got on the road, my mom passed me a tiny ham and cheese sandwich that she had wrapped up for me from breakfast. She is so sweet.

We drove west from Paris and I fell asleep in the backseat. I woke up around Angers, where I went to University many moons ago.

I fell asleep again for pretty much the rest of the drive. When we arrived in Lorient, we checked into our hotel and had a gin & tonic happy hour (with a snack of roasted peanuts!!!) before we took a nice long walk to check out the town.

We even saw a cool old hotel that made me feel like I was in the 1960s back in Santa Monica...

We're a family of sailors so we went down to the harbor, natch.

After looking around at all the pretty boats, we continued our walk and eventually ended the beautiful day with dinner at a restaurant on the harbor.

My salad was TO DIE FOR. Yes, that's a poached egg and ham. The vinaigrette was amazing.

The beef skewer entree:

And don't forget dessert and coffee!

I love a good crème brûlée.


  1. I LOVE creme brulee!! I think it may be my favorite dessert of all time. The salad looks beautiful. I will try that!


  2. I haven't had creme brulee in what seems like a lifetime. I need to have mouth is watering at the thought!