Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 43 from France:
R.I.P. Pumpkin-Mobile

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

Breakfast: Mom's buns with butter and homemade strawberry jam on one half, Rondelé and homemade pear jam on the other half.

Obsessed! needed to borrow "my" car. He wasn't paying attention (as usual) and he wrecked the pumpkin-mobile. Awesome. Easy come, easy go. Baby had wheels for 4 days.

What happened, you ask? Good question. It was a holiday in France, so the grocery store he normally goes to was closed. He was running a quick errand to the hardware store which is right across the street and he automatically turned into the driveway of the supermarket by habit. Because it was closed, logic in France says to barricade the parking lot to make them completely inaccessible. Wouldn't want any hooligans fooling around in an empty parking lot. Empty parking lots scream trouble, don't they? I don't know. Like I always say, nothing in France makes sense so there's no use trying to figure it out.

Basically, Obsessed! wasn't paying attention as he was pulling up the driveway. It still hadn't dawned on him that he wasn't going to the grocery store and that he'd taken a wrong turn. It also didn't occur to him that it was a holiday and the parking lot was blocked off. He also didn't notice the barricade until he ran into it and asked himself, "Sacrebleu! What in the heck was that?!"

As you can see, if one is standing, the bottom horizontal metal pole is about chest height. But when you're sitting in the pumpkin-mobile, it's about eye level. The boys could have been decapitated had they been going any faster. I'm glad they're okay but jeez, PAY ATTENTION!

Needing to get out of the house and away from stupid boys who don't watch where they're going, Vapors and I walked 10 km with the dog. He hates when we put the leash on him, like it's some sort of punishment. Normally he hides from us if he sees it. We literally have to trick him by doing a play and grab before we get out the leash. Look at his little tail between his legs. Weirdo. He is always fine once we're down at the canal and he can chase ducks and flies and dogs 10 times his size.

We ate crêpes when we got home - lots of them. Obsessed! kept giving me bites of all the different varieties. I drank 2 pots of tea.

I also played piano for a few hours and
PetitCon sat on a dishtowel and watched. The tile must be too cold for his little butt.

I fell asleep around 4am - progress. The snoring is out of control, though. Thankfully, Obsessed! admitted before bed that he's going to quit smoking the haschish. We'll see if he follows through, but i've pretty much already decided it's not going to work out between us and I've got to get out of here.

So how about those Dodgers?


  1. Goodbye Pumkin Mobile. Goodbye Obsessed!. Hello beautiful flowers and funny little doggy.

  2. the dog is a trip. wackjob and needs pet psychiatry NOT KIDDING but adorable.

  3. Don't you just love stupid people. How could you miss that gate. Wow. Sorry you are without wheels.

  4. well girls....i have been reading for a while now and have "caught up" on all previous posts and all i can say is this is a fabulous blog run by 2 really unique and wonderful girls!! i look forward to the posts each day and although i am not implementing the FRENCH SKINNY in my own life yet, it is coming. shaboom --i ache as i read about swimswim and want you to know, you are not alone in that really awful experience...i too have fallen victim to a swimswim type...the similarities are too scarey and personal to put here...but i REALLY DO FEEL YOUR HURT,PAIN, CONFUSION, APATHY ETC ... ETC. mine married my friend from high school-- oh and he cheated on me with her when we were together...he owes me LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY TOO! KEEP ON KEEPING ON GIRL! you have many who love you and respect you and even though i do not know you --- you seem like you are simply wonderful.

  5. @joni - thanks

    @g - sorry to hear about your horrible ex. thanks for your sweet words!

  6. my goodness. I'd be completely furious if someone did that to my car. Geez.

    With the dog, I suggest walking slowly toward him and offer him a treat. Our dog runs away when seeing the leash too, but it's a game to him. This little guy sounds like he needs to be rewarded!

    I think you need to get the guy to pay for the car first, then leave if you decide to.