Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 45 From Burbank: Getting ready for New York

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA, USA

Okay I have to get ready for New York. I leave tomorrow.

While eating 2 eggs with baguette I make my list.

1. Laundry.
2. Bank.
3. Vacuum.
4. Clean.
5. Suitcase.
6. Coat.
7. Little tiny size shampoos and stuff.
8. Make a better list.

Tish comes over again so I can do stairs and walk to the store for...
1. Artichokes.
2. Half N'Half.
3. Coffee.

Wow, this list making is going great.

Tish brings me a suitcase, 5 coats to choose from and some awesome headphones for the airplane. Okay 2 out of 8 accomplished.

I keep staring at the laundry. Luckily I have an amazing talent for ignoring it.

We have some yogurt for lunch.

Dinner is chicken, artichoke and baguette.

3 and I fall asleep watching "The Upside Down Show."

P.S. I haven't packed yet.
This is super awesome.


  1. Wow!! We seem to have the same problem with procrastination. I just had to catch up on about 4 days worth of your blog. I've been too busy to exercise, however I have found time to eat...lol. But I did...are you ready for this...do 2 flights of stairs!!! I know, I know, 2 flights is nothing! But I went to a music festival and walked a ton, which included the stairs and danced my butt off! Have a great time in New York!!!

  2. That's fantastic! You've inspired me to dance my ass off today:)


  3. I'm just checking in to catch up a bit. I don't know how your experiment is going to work but I do know that you have a beautiful blog here and I enjoy reading it.
    Have fun in New York and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY! Daddies and their babies need to spend time together.

  4. Thank you Ms. Moon. I know. You are right. Daddy time is needed!!!
    I love your wisdom.