Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 44 From Burbank: I'm going to New York

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA, USA

I just found out I'm going to New York for a job. In 2 days. Excitement turns to anxiety. Butterflies land in my stomach. I start making phone calls. Aunt Bonnie, The Sgt. Major, Grandma Dee, Tish..........
Turns out I had the date wrong on Hubby's return. He'll be home the day I leave. It's all working out. I've never been away from 3 that long. A year ago I went on a 48 hour trip to Boston with my friend, Tish, while 3 stayed with Daddy. Departing for that trip was horrible. He was screaming "DON'T LEAVE ME MOMMA!" as I drove off to the airport. He's going to have some good Daddy time. It's all good. It's all good. This is exciting! Right? I refuse to feel guilty about 6 days. I'm such a cliche. But that's French, right?

We have nothing to eat in this house.

3 and I walk to the bakery. We play "What does that cloud look like?".
I wonder what the weather is like in New York. I'll have to check that out when I get home. I need to borrow some luggage......and a coat........and some clothes.........

3: Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY!!!!

Me: Yes honey.

3: You're not listening to me. The cloud looks like a puppy. You should take a picture of it.

Feeling of guilt washes over me.

We get a box of goodies for us including this gorgeous egg bread.

Walk to Italian store for cheese. Cecco cavallo, panchetta, pasta, ham and basil.

Ham sandwiches for lunch.

Tish came over to hang out with 3 while I do stairs and drive to the store for dog food, bubbly water and artichokes.

Dinner was an artichoke, egg bread with cheese and a yogurt for dessert.

I had to wash the T Shirt today. It stopped smelling like Hubby. It's hanging up in the closet freshly laundered.


  1. wow, that's great news. I hope you have a good time here.

    Six days is a good amount of time. It's been humid and rather hot here, so be warned. Good thing is, many people wear flip flops or scanty sandals on the street, and carry their shoes if they're less than comfortable. It makes a huge difference if your feet are uncovered.

    If you're sight seeing though, do take a comfy pair of shoes. If you're interested in anything in particular, let me know and I'll be happy to help.

    My parents live in LA so I feel like I know the culture shock you'll have. lol. At least you won't have to drive!

  2. darling: that's a Challah. You need a Jew to walk around with you one day and point this stuff out. Fine, I'll do it.

    Mazel Tov on the job. Two NY trips in one years. Rock on sister.