Thursday, June 24, 2010

Karen-Day 52 from Burbank: Yes I Am Home.

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA, USA

Hubby is playing golf today???? But I just got back last night......

Flashback to New York. I'm on a skype video conference with Hubby. He's trying to talk over 3 who is running around screaming in the background. Hubby looks exhausted......

" I'm going to need a golf day when you get back."
" Of course, honey. ( I'm feeling slightly guilty about the massage I'm about to get) Absolutely."

Okay, I can do this. That massage seems so long ago.
The Sgt. Major comes over to play golf with Hubby. He brings Grandma Dee to help me.

Grandma Dee goes with me on an endless road trip of errands. Am I underwater?

We get back and I make everyone a ham and cheese crepe. It's the first crepe Grandma Dee has ever had. Of course she says she loves it. She's kind of perfect that way.

The guys are back by 2:00pm. The Sgt. Major takes Grandma Dee home.

Hubby takes one look at me and tells me to go lay down.
I sleep for 2 hours straight. Then I hear 3 whispering in my ear.

"Momma.... Momma...... MOMMA!"
(My eyes are open now)
"I made a piece of artwork for you. Come see."

"Momma, we can leave it here for everyone to see my art. Do you LOVE it?"
"Yes Baby, I love it. Thank you for making that for me."
"I love you Momma."

Yes I am home.

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  1. That is just AWESOME! There is nothing better than a child's whisper in your ear and a hand crafted gift made by tiny little hands.