Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weigh In Week 8: The Bad News

I am 5 lbs. up

Okay, so it's bad. There's bound to be a bad week here or there.
What I learned:
1. Eating all the food in New York does not make me French Skinny.
2. Eating chips and chocolate all week does not make me French Skinny.
3. Shoving mass amounts of any food down my neck does not make me French Skinny.

Wow. This all comes as quite a shock to me.

We can talk about the chart now. So I asked Hubby to make a chart for The French Skinny.

It was 2 days of conversations like this.

How many weeks? 30. How many pounds? 35. Which lines do you want up and down? 30 lines up and down. That's not what you told me before. I did too. 35 horizontal lines. That's the exact opposite of what you just said. It is not. Wait, which lines do you want to be the pounds? The horizontal lines. Now that's exactly the opposite of what you just changed. I didn't change anything.......Can you just give me some foam core and a magic marker and I'll do it myself? Just hold on. How many pounds can you lose in a week? What the .....does that have to do with anything? Just tell me.

Yeah 2 days of that before I drew what I wanted on a piece of paper. Then he says that's exactly the opposite of what you told me to do.

But he made it. Then made it poster size.
Then said he would make the dots because he doesn't want eraser marks on it.
Then he saw it and figured out how to post it from the computer.
I love him. But how do we live?

We're going to Grandma's house.
3 is running around singing a song he made up.

"There's thousands of sugar at Grandma's house!"
Thousands of sugar at Grandma's house!
We're going!
We're going!
To eat thousands of sugarrrrrr!!

Met Grandma for lunch at a restaurant.
Denver omelet with grilled jalapenos on the side. Side of fruit (didn't eat) no potatoes no toast.

Snack: An apple on the drive home. It had been sitting in the hot car so when I ate it it was warm. It reminded me of apple pie.

50 flights of stairs. (Yes that bitch of a scale scared me.)
2 mile walk

Lunch: Fage yogurt with honey.

Pot luck dinner at Lisa's, house.

The good thing about knowing the truth is that I can't hide from it.
Time to pull up a chocolate croissant and get serious again.


  1. i can back you up: chocolate does not make you skinny. :)

  2. your resolve is inspirational, and this post is hilarious!

  3. see? This was SO yesterday!