Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 63 from Burbank: Weigh In Week 9

Jen's House
Lost 3 of the 5 pounds from New York
Down 11 pounds.

Woke up and had a couple cups of coffee. Hurried over to meet Mom, Tammy and the Church Ladies for breakfast. I had the potato pancakes made with bacon and onions a la carte.
Then to Mom's for more fun.

1:00 Drive home.

1:40 Arrive home. Hand 3 over to Hubby. Change into walking clothes. It's HOT in Burbank.

2:10 Head out the door for a 5 mile walk and 80 flights of stairs.

3:18 Stop for a little cup of frozen yogurt and a small pellogrino.

4:00 Stop off at Pavillions for a baguette and some bubbly water.

4:30 Arrive home. Change clothes.

5:00 Head over to Jen's for Girls Night! To EAT!

Gaspacho soup.........or what was left of it because it was freaking delicious.

Shrimp Enchiladas

Flan with a caramel sauce.

8:25 Rush over to "a store" to buy Hubby his birthday present. A BBQ. Everything in the store is supposed to be 10% off.

8:57 Get to store. Rush in. Find the BBQ. Go to pay. Find out everything in the store EXCEPT this BBQ is 10% off. This seems a little F'd up to me. Leave with no BBQ.

9:15 Get a call from my friend, Lisa, who I just spent 3 hours talking to at Girls Night. Circle Burbank so we can talk a little more.

9:45 Still not finished talking to Lisa but Hubby's probably getting worried so we hang up.

10:30 Still amped up from decaf. Sad.


  1. yay! congrats on the 11lbs. sounds like a fun night. miss you!